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Are you approachable? Can I ask questions?



Rutton and Co. offer a friendly and supportive service – NO question is ever too small. Emails are usually answered same day.

Equally importantly, we aim to provide considerable advice, support and planning, without you even asking, as we go along.

Aren’t all accountants expensive for what they do?


Your initial meeting with us is free, with no obligation.

We aim to avoid fee disputes at every turn, whether by quoting in advance, or adding value to everything we do. The ongoing relationship depends on client satisfaction – fees included. The vast majority of clients stay for many years.

Are you, as my accountant, really on my side?

We are. We are here to help, to support and to advise, not just to “turn the handle”. We will fight your corner where necessary, and do all in our power to keep you out of problems and disputes with the regulatory bodies in the first place.