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Larger companies/Audits
Rutton & Co are registered auditors and offer a full audit, taxation and accountancy support service to companies up to a £15 million turnover. Most clients tend to stay for many years and we are confident that whatever your issue or concern might be in any of these areas we can give quality support and advice.

  • How much tax am I paying? Understanding my tax bill
    Companies pay corporation tax nine months after the end of the year. But complications quickly arise concerning losses, directors loans, and group structures. Whatever your situation, we are here to help!
  • Is this the best structure for me?
    The use of limited companies is highly efficient for tax and other purposes if set up and operated correctly. For larger businesses, or as a business matures or evolves and new structures and advice are required. We are here to help!
  • Year end tax planning
    The power of limited companies to offer legal protection and to save tax is extensive but requires careful review, for example before the end of the year. Even a simple point concerning dividends or salary can quickly evolve into more detailed advice.
  • Managing your limited company (salaries and dividends, payroll, P11d’s, year end solvency, auto-enrolment, company cars and vans) 
    When it comes to companies the foundation of success is laid by receiving correct advice in a number of critical areas; solvency, company cars and pension provision to name but three.
  • Annual compliance and accounts
    Of course we do the basics of compliance for you, and often this is all the client sees or wants. But with all situations you will receive advice and tax planning, as part of a seamless process of accounts and tax return preparation.
  • Ongoing advice (payroll, VAT, finance)
    It is surprising how often life throws up situations or difficulties on indirect taxation and finances in general. Whatever the situation we are here to help!
  • Capital tax advice (CGT, IHT)
    Inheritance tax is a long term concept. Advance planning now often saves thousands in the future. But the rules are not commonly met and not easy to understand. CGT is one of those taxes where everyone thinks they know the answer because it looks straightforward. As with inheritance tax, advance planning is essential to make sure that you qualify for all available exemptions and reliefs. We are here to help!
  • How much will it cost?
    Fee quotations in advance – no obligation.
  • Business start ups
    As is so often the case in life, the foundation supports the structure. Getting things right on day one for you is something very much part of our philosophy. Most startup businesses stay with many years and we grow with them.
  • Am I claiming all my expenses?
    Almost certainly not. The rules are complex. We are here to help!
  • Full statutory audit service
    We are registered auditors, regulated by the institute of chartered accountants. We are well versed in making sure your company is compliant with all audit and financial accounting regulation.
  • Company secretarial
    You would be surprised how much error and heartache can be avoided by leaving your company’s statutory register work to us.