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Sole trader/Partnership
The team at Rutton & Co has 30 years experience in advising small businesses from startup and choice of business structure to cessation and succession planning. There is so much more to it than simply producing annual accounts. Whatever your small business needs might be, we have almost certainly met the issue before, and are here to help.

  • How much tax am I paying? Understanding my tax bill.
    The twice a year tax liability of sole traders and partners is a difficult idea to grasp. It is not an easy system. We will make sure you clearly understand what you have to pay, and when, and why.
  • Is this the best structure for me?
    Much of our work involves a consideration of whether you would be better off in a different structure. For example, considerable tax can be saved through the correct use of limited companies, or trusts, but only in the right situation.
  • Year end tax planning
    All clients will be prompted towards the end of the tax year to consider the savings on offer by ordering your affairs in February and March, that is, before the end of the tax year, and before it’s too late!
  • Annual compliance and accounts
    Of course we do the basics of compliance for you, and often this is all the client sees or wants. But with all situations you will receive advice and tax planning, as part of a seamless process of accounts and tax return preparation.
  • Ongoing advice (payroll, VAT, finance)
    It is surprising how often life throws up situations or difficulties on indirect taxation and finances in general. Whatever the situation we are here to help!
  • How much will it cost?
    Fee quotations in advance-no obligation
  • Business start ups
    From acorn to oak tree we can advise you on all the tricks and traps to starting up your own business.
  • Am I claiming all my expenses?
    Almost certainly not. The rules are complex. We are here to help!